MedsLOCK by Avantas Tech and Maxonrow

MedsLOCK is a Monitoring and Communication App that Provides Real-Time COVID-19 Insights

MAX-Wallet : Maxonrow's KYC Digital Wallet

A powerful and user-friendly wallet that helps users manage their digital assets and digital ID.

MAX-Scan : Maxonrow's Official Block Explorer

Designed for your optimal viewing experience with real-time notifications for effortless tracking.

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Why Choose Us?


Decentralization is possible using advanced cryptographic mechanisms, strong consensus algorithms, hash encryptions, and distributed data storage. All of the data shared across our ecosystem is securely encrypted.


Our cutting edge KYC identity verification adheres to cross-regional regulations. We’re continually working on improving our identity verification standards.

Data Ownership

Once verified, a user’s identity is universally accepted across the Maxonrow ecosystem. Users have full control over their information, and how they want to share it.

Identity Portability

With Maxonrow, you can enjoy the convenience of using your identity across many platforms with no hassle. Users can retrieve and reuse their identity data across various scenarios—from airport check-ins to voter registration.